A Song of an Artist’s Soul

Yesterday I was talking with a neighbor when tears briefly welled up in my eyes. We were talking about art and design. I felt sad that I wasn’t spending enough time for my artist’s soul. I realized I’m longing to put pen to paper in textured, tactile ways. Daily, I’m writing and designing, but it’s all online. I’m not feeling the tug and pull of a wet paint brush. I miss the salty smell of red carmine and the sulphur overtones of vermillion.

Being a fine artist is all about the touch, smell, sight and sound of making art, not just the end product. It’s about getting messy and making happy mistakes. It’s about hearing the calligraphy nib on a hand-tooled wooden pen scratching toothed paper. Give me the sweet smell of amber in gum arabic and the sharp bite of black touche on a Bavarian limestone.

Drench me in the crisp scent of tautly stretched canvas. Let me run my fingers along the deckled edge of handmade paper. Lie me down with solid Sumi brushes and let me listen to bright white paper as it wicks up watery midnight-colored ink.

Creating this ode to the senses of art refreshes me. I’m now pleasantly anticipating my next artistic sojourn.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Sing the song of your own artist’s soul.

2 thoughts on “A Song of an Artist’s Soul

  1. Love your blog, Adair! The coneflowers grabbed me.

    I know what you mean about online medium not being quite as gratifying for us creatively. I built my career writing for magazine. How I loved it when a feature article that I had written (and photographed) was published in beautiful full colour.

    I ma learning to love online and blogging, and slowly … it seems that I am building an audience for my blogs. Nice to connect with you via the Book Link grp on LI.

  2. I know what you mean. Last June, for the first time, I did 30 days of creativity, with a new thing each day. There’s a website for this, in case any of your readers would like to try it http://30daysofcreativity.com/. It was invigorating. I can’t do it this year, because I’m abroad for 10 days, but I think I’ll do it again next year. Thanks for the reminder!

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