Adair W. Heitmann, BFA is a pioneer in the field of personal development. With over 40 years experience she has earned her title of creativity and wellness expert. She is an award-winning author, popular professional speaker, and a fine artist. Adair was the Founder and Director of The Center for Creativity & Wellness for 15 years, and has been interviewed as an authority on blogging, social media, writing and author’s platforms, meditation, dreams, stress management, and entrepreneurship in online news, television, and radio.

Adair inspires her readers and engages audiences by illuminating “how-to” points through storytelling, humor, and practical advice. With a rich background in literature, business, health, education, and the arts she is listed in many Who’s Who including The World’s Who’s Who of Women and Who’s Who in American Education. Adair’s multifaceted background helps her connect with all types of audiences.

Adair traverses the worlds of creativity and wellness. Through her workshops, programs, essays, articles, and blogs, she teaches useful strategies. Her inspiring techniques ignite creativity and show how to navigate both everyday and professional lives feeling whole and empowered.

For further information please see Adair Wilson Heitmann’s website at: www.adairheitmann.com

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