Making Art Fun: Step 5 – Delete Your Inner Critic

inner_criticFor the last few months I’ve been sharing hints on how to enjoy your creative endeavors, be they art, writing, photography, or blogs. Today’s thoughts are about deleting your inner critic. We all know what that is and how following its advice can trip you up. I’m thinking a little differently today about my dear old inner critic. I’m aware that most times it shoots me in the foot. Yet there are those occasions when it may have a point. Below are some options on how to handle your own inner critic. Let me know what technique you use and how it works out.

a. Challenge your inner critic – Fight it, debate with it, let it know you are in charge.
b. You don’t have to silence your inner critic – find a way to work side-by-side, co-exist.
c. Consider – Is your inner critic working with you or against you?
d. Personify it – what does it look like, sound like, where does it reside in your body?
e. Choose humor – Say to your inner critic, “So what? Who cares? Big deal!”
f. Give it a new job – re-assign it responsibilities.
g. Delete it – Yep, just press the delete key.  Or I do what I do, say to yourself, “Delete, delete, delete.” It works.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Get to know that voice inside you that doesn’t think you’re good enough. Then choose to not let it run (ruin) your life.