Creativity, Voting and Independence

My dad came with me when I registered to vote. I was a bright-eyed, rebellious young artist and he was a smart, rebellious seasoned man of the cloth. Of course I wanted to register as an Independent. Even though I was trained in the schools of good Southern manners, and minister’s daughter polite protocol, my thoughts and actions didn’t always follow the mainstream.

I was all set to register, when my dad uttered one simple statement. “It’s okay if you register as an Independent, but just remember, if you do, you won’t be able to vote in any of the primaries.” In that moment I realized a bigger picture of politics and being eligible to choose the candidate of my choice for the President of the United States. That privilege didn’t just come once every four years, it was an ongoing commitment.

Every time I vote I think of my dad and wish he was still here, so we could talk politics. He and I used to talk art too, as we explored the world’s museums. This brings me to the creative part of this blog. Anyone can be inspired to do something, but it takes an independent spirit to have sustained courage to put it out there for the world to see or hear or read.

Artists and choreographers, musicians and writers put their thoughts and feelings into something concrete, and share it. Politicians endeavor to do the same. They don’t use pigments or prose or pianos. They attempt to communicate their visions and to show us in their actions, their ideas for a better future for our country.

Creativity and wellness message: Vote from the inner gallery of your own conscience.