P.T. as Meditation

Today, it’s almost been two weeks since my knee surgery. Note to self, “Don’t stress the meniscus of right knee doing a StairMaster exercise routine, then carry laundry up the basement stairs.” Oh well, one complexly torn meniscus and arthroscopic surgery later, I’m onto the next hurdle which is Physical Therapy.

P.T. as I call it, has become a meditation on life. I have to slow down in order to do my knee bending exercises. I can’t rush the heel digs into the bed. I have to keep every repetition pure and simple, in order to strengthen the muscles, and increase flexibility. Like a meditation I have to be fully present with every flex, stretch, and bend.

Pain does occur during P.T. It’s a good pain though. I know it is necessary and actually part of the healing process. It’s like in life, I know that at some point I will hurt, but I can’t constrict my movements in order to coddle it. If I do, I won’t get the full benefit of P.T. or life. Discomfort comes, I just can’t predict when or why, yet sometimes I can control how long it stays. When a burning ache occurs or a wincing, piercing sting jolts me, I say, “Ouch” or I stop or pull back, and I lessen the stretch, bend, or push.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Sometimes lessening is part of life’s lesson.