Blogging and More

So there I was a few months ago, checking in on my social media networking. I was reviewing my LinkedIn  groups and came across a contest from Bonnie Marcus of VoiceAmerica talk radio. Bonnie was renaming her radio show and asked people to submit ideas. Quickly researching who she was and what she did, I let myself be inspired by her request.

In-the-moment bright ideas are so much fun. Without judgement, I opened my mind, received insight and submitted my idea online to Bonnie. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes and then I went about my business day. A few weeks later I learned that I won in my group! While Bonnie ultimately didn’t use my idea, I had a ball creating it, submitting it and winning a small piece of the pie.

Now you can tune in to “Head Over Heels: Women Mean Business” radio next Tuesday April 6, 2010 to hear me and featured guest Julie Roads, principal at Writing Roads, LLC, plus two other women entrepreneurs talk about the value of increasing your online presence. We will be answering questions and sharing our wisdom on Blogging for Business and More. Who knew?

Creativity and wellness message for today: Take a chance, commit to a contest, have fun with it, then let it go. You never know where your joy may lead.