Bringing It All Together

In the Women’s Center of a local college there sat a group of women, similar, yet different. Courageous women who were all breast cancer survivors. My program for them was “Guided Meditation for Insight and Joy.” After we shared a bite to eat and lots of hearty humor we moved into the evening’s event. I gave a brief introduction on meditation then led the group through three customized guided imagery exercises.

The room calmed as the women released stress and anxiety, and the green plants lining the window sill seemed to perk up. Each person tried something new and reaped the benefits. Some comments after the program included: “soothing; relaxing (x4); peaceful; personal; interesting; nice . . . how nice; reflective; time you give yourself.”

I congratulate The Breast Cancer Survival Center which offers unique programs throughout the year. Their founder Susan Santangelo epitomizes living life to the fullest. The women in attendance had endured trauma, fear, and loss as well as recovery, transformation and joy.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Healing is creating an environment in which your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies can integrate.

Guided Imagery

As many of my readers know I write a new post for this blog once a week. Last night I had the privilege of leading a workshop on “Guided Imagery for Comfort and Inspiration” to a courageous group of women survivors. Everyone had come after a long day of commuting, work and other responsibilities. I first taught the group how to release the tensions from their day. Then I explained that in guided imagery meditation the practitioner is in complete control. She can use all of her senses–touch, smell, taste, sound, intuition as well as the visual sense, in meditation. I shared the most important piece of holistic advice I know, which is to let go of  judgement of self and of others. Most of the rapt audience readily accepted the option of not editing their own imaginations. Others learned at the end of the workshop about this benefit.

Each particpant had an opportunity to experience three unique guided meditations that I had created just for them. As the program drew to a close I asked the group to say one word out-loud that described what they would take away from the workshop. Words like “peace,” “hope,” and “love,” quietly tumbled out of soft mouths. Other words such as “guidance,” “quiet,” “faith,” and “joy” were gently added to the mix. May we all feel at one with these qualities in our lives.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Let your own inner guidance lead you to your individual place of comfort and inspiration.