Share Your Gift

Last Monday night I saw a fabulous Native American Storyteller. Tchin was mesmerizing and engaging. His sonorous voice, coupled with his graceful dramatic flair only deepened the quality of his performance. During his program I heard that stories are really “lessons” and that “words are sacred.” Tchin played a variety of traditional flutes and I learned that the flute pre-dates the drum. I was transported by the sound and quality of his music to a place of inner connection, as if I had just come out of a long meditation.

Tchin’s program was filled with Narragansett and Blackfoot traditions and humor. He is living proof that you can be an artist, educator, musician, flutemaker, folklorist, entertainer, clothes maker, jewelry designer and be nationally known and award-winning. Tchin demonstrates for people of all ages that you don’t have to live inside the box of how other people may label you. You can be all that you are and show it.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Connect with all the facets of your creative self, then share those gifts with the world.