You Can’t Get Lost

Exactly one year ago today I put my foot in the water and tested the wild world of blogs. I gave myself permission to post entries once-a-weekish. My goal was to inspire you (my readers) to create the life you love as I shared information on how to feel well even in troubled times.

Statistically I’ve written 29 posts in 8 different categories. This year my blog had 1,027 views and readers are now subscribing to it. With this blog I’ve established a venue in which I am accountable to show up, write and publish. That feels good.

My definitions of creativity and wellness, that I originally penned in 1990 hold true today:

* To be creative is to handle life’s challenges from an enlightened perspective. Creativity honors the unknown, it delights in and ignites spontaneous joy.

* Wellness is the experience of balanced, free-flowing energy on many levels — mind, body, emotions, spirit. To feel well is to accept the whole of who you are.

Thank you for tuning in with me on this journey together. Please let me know your comments and thoughts. What would you like to see more of in this blog, less of or stay the same? Thank you to all of my subscribers out there, your feedback lets me know someone is listening.

Take-away message for today: Creativity is like a thread, while you hold it you can’t get lost.