Things Ain’t Perfect

* Up early today (as usual)

* Helping others get out the door (as usual)

* Forfeited my morning walk (too wet and cold)

* Was productive in my home office by 8AM. Finished my preparations for the dreamwork program I’m giving tomorrow, wrote my blog entry for Fairfield Writer’s Blog and completed a week’s worth of work, all before I leave to go to my job. Is anyone else exhausted reading this? Then a loved one calls and tells me about his grueling day at work and I hear the phrase “Things Ain’t Perfect.” Somehow those three words soothe my fraying nerves.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Owning the truth can set you free. Without judgement, the simple acknowledgement of a fact is empowering.

Cross-pollination in 2010

Many years ago when I was the Founder and Director of The Center for Creativity & Wellness, I had a collaborative professional relationship with three psychotherapists. Each of our strengths was different. One of us was a therapist who specialized in substance abuse and recovery, another was a marriage and family therapist who also led Sacred Circle Dances, and a third was a therapist who was a practitioner of shamanism. I provided the healing arts of natural energy healing, dreamwork, and meditation for my clients and students. Our professional foursome published quarterly newsletters, and mailed them as a unit to our clients. We called our multi-pronged marketing “cross-pollination.”

We embraced our diversity and that attitude served us, and our clients well. Potential clients were introduced, in very user-friendly ways, to new modalities of healing and personal development. This collaborative approach can be applied in any business or walk of life.

Creativity and wellness message for today: For 2010 plant the seed of fertilization in your life. Veer off the beaten path, touch down on a new flower, try something that you haven’t done before. Let the vitality of cross-pollination be your guide.