Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Photograph credit: Caitlin Geary

During what was called the “Blizzard of 2016” I texted my niece in NYC, checking in on her. She was safe, warm, and sent me a photograph she just took. The image blew my socks off! It was artistic and perfectly composed. The lighting was spectacular and the mood both mysterious and intriguing. It could have been taken in Paris or London, it had an international and cosmopolitan feel to it. As you can tell, I loved the image.

Fast forward to a few days later, while working with my physical therapist, we were gabbing about the recent storm. He was talking about how New York City got more snow than Connecticut. I pulled out my mobile phone, proudly showing him my niece’s creative photograph. Does he exclaim about the beauty of the lighting? Do I hear a gasp as he inhales in wonder and amazement at the textures and colors? No. He says, “Oh that’s a ____________ bicycle. Everyone knows their wheels are 26 inches.” Linear proof that, yes indeed, NYC had more snow than we did.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder!

Creativity and wellness message for today: Enjoy your own perception of things.

Artistic “Mistakes:” How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Creativity-pastelsTwo years ago I wrote a blog about “happy accidents.” You can read it here. Currently I’m focused on other work and can only ponder my art from afar. However, inspirational quotes keep my creative sparks going. I hope they do the same for you.



Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
-Scott Adams


Greetings again, I hope you all had a good summer. Mine was full of work and play, coupled with casual sunsets on the beach with friends. As you know, I took some things off my plate, like posting entries to my Creativity and Wellness Blog. Crafting so(u)l space helped me come back energized.

On my early morning walk today, I remembered a favorite potter of mine, Diane Heart. I’ve been buying her pottery for many years. She has a wonderful studio on Cape Cod. Even though I didn’t make it to the Cape this summer, I think of her fondly, every time I use one of her finely-crafted and artistic bowl, mug, or vase. Many years ago when I was still in my corporate, highly structured professional life, I visited Diane’s studio. Inhaling the scent of beach rose, sea grass and salt water, I read her tiny, ceramic front door sign: Open 10ish – 5ish. Before I set one sandy foot in her shop, I was delighted, mesmerized and envious! Her simple sign showed me that it was possible to have flexibility and still be a professional.

Twenty-five years later, her vision continues to inspire me. After sitting at my desk this morning, and opening the computer, the first thing I did was Google “Diane Heart Pottery.” Sure enough, there she was, and sure enough . . . her hours are the same.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Try flexibility on for size, it might be just the inspiration you need.

P.S. I’ll be writing and posting this blog: Once-a-week-ish.