The Truth About Nighttime Dreams

IMG_1367I’ve been following the wisdom of my nighttime dreams for decades. Guidance from that knowledge has been like a tiller in my hand, helping me steer the sailboat of my life.

Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist, Marsha Norman says:

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

So true!

Creativity and wellness message for today: Write down what was in your dream last night. Don’t edit, just write it down. Then be open to how that one act might help you set the course of your day (or your life.)

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Nighttime Dreams

  1. I think you’re right, but I’ve always had trouble remembering my dreams, unless they are nightmares. I know I should probably have a notepad by my bed and just write them down the minute I wake up, but I’m only aware of dreaming if I sleep longer than I need to. It’s a conundrum. So I use meditation instead. I think it serves a similar purpose. 🙂

  2. I’m fortunate that I dream very near the time I wake up, so my dreams are very clear and vivid. But I have to be diligent in writing them down right away — they fade so fast! Thank you Adair, for reminding me to keep up my dream journal.

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