Making Art Fun: Step 7 – Listen to Your Inner Voice

imagesArt + Time = Happiness. This equation sums up the two-day printmaking workshop my family gifted to me. I wrote about it in my last blog. Today’s tip on making art fun is about trusting that little voice inside you. I did that when I observed how excited I was as I anticipated the workshop. Gentle flutters erupted in my stomach each time I thought about it.

At the workshop, I decided to fly without a net. My intention was to enjoy the process of learning a new printmaking technique and not worry about the product or outcome. There I was in a sea of professional, exhibiting artists, all intent on creating pieces for their next exhibit. I chose to remind myself, again and again, I was at the workshop to have fun, explore and experiment. This attitude of abandon held me in a solid place of delight the entire weekend.

Yet, as my creative process neared completion, I had to know when my artwork was complete. Decades of serious art school training and real life experiences in meditation and trusting my intuition honed me well. Sometimes my inner voice was a simple exhalation. I knew when I’d exhaled there was a rightness to the color, texture, or composition. At other times, my inner voice was soft and literally spoke in my brain whispering the word, “Done.”

Click here to view my slide show from the workshop!

Creativity and  wellness message for today: Be adventurous. Listen to your inner voice in your mind, body, and spirit. Then follow through.

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