Into the Storm

During last week’s blustery New England weather I headed outside into the storm. My cheeks iced over while frigid wind made my eyes weep and I headed down to the beach. Torrential rains and high winds became my walking companions. I had deadlines at work and deadlines with my writing and I still wanted to go out into the storm. Little did I know that braving the elements would prompt the topic of one of my essays, due that day. I returned to my desk refreshed and vibrantly alive. As a contributing author to the Fairfield Writer’s Blog  my blog post from that day reflected how my experiences and insights during my in-the-moment-of-life walk inspired my writing.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Don’t be afraid of the storm, whether it be internal or external. Go into it, let it change you, cleanse you, and ignite you.


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