Who Wants to Play?

Many years ago, my intuitive friend Linda used to decide what to wear by asking her clothes closet, “Who wants to play?” Linda, a grounded and professional social worker, professor and humor specialist, was convinced that her rainbow of blouses, pants and scarfs responded.

Yesterday, I was unexpectedly asked to submit a piece of art to a university at which I had been a faculty member. Their Gallery of Contemporary Art is having a 20th year anniversary. Speaking with the gallery director brought back fond memories of working together and of academia and university teaching.

As a creative individual, I have morphed myself into many satisfying careers since teaching art and design. My walls are still adorned with artworks of my own creation and others are in international collections. My professional life now is as a writer, educator, designer and community liaison, not as a fine artist. As I descended the basement stairs, thinking about which artwork, in storage, I might choose, spanning my long and varied career, I decided to use Linda’s technique, “Who wants to play?” To my delight a small gem-like piece chimed up. I would have walked right past it, on the way to where I store my larger artworks. I imagine that many hours later I would still be looking for the right piece to represent me and my career. I would have tripped over my own ego in the selection process.

The voice of my diminutive, glimmering artwork was so happy, and frankly so immediate and clear, I could not ignore it. As I lifted my painting, the texture of nubby canvas reminded me that life can be easy, playful, intuitive. I smiled all the way up the stairs.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Let your intuitive voice guide you. Ask an inanimate object, “Who wants to play?” and see where your life leads you. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised.


One thought on “Who Wants to Play?

  1. As the minister of mirth said, “Let us bow our heads and play…”
    I am tickled to read of your playful experience, and I am so happy for you and so glad to know that the Gallery is so smart 🙂
    Sending my love and blessings.
    Love and lots more love,

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