On this first day of autumn, as leaves begin to turn from green to burgundy, I have the opportunity to revise an essay I wrote. The Spirit of a Woman is an upcoming anthology (to be published June 2010) and my writing is close to being approved for inclusion! I am one of the lucky women from many nations, ages and personal histories, to make it this far.

Years ago, when I was a working and exhibiting fine artist, I loved doing everything myself. It was my way or the highway. Now as a working writer, I welcome a team approach. Editors really are there to help writers. What a priviledge to be working with a team of editors, all of whom are dedicated to the success of the same project, and are helping me make my words the best that they can be.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Consider teamwork. Just like trees need the union of sunshine, nutrients and water, to transform their colors, humans need the same. Being part of a team can bring unexpected new hues to your creative efforts.


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