Eggs in Basket

Even though I grew up in New England, my southern (Virginia and Kentucky) parents’ colloquialisms run deep in my veins. The phrase “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” is self-explanatory. If you live on a rural farm or in a high-rise Manhattan apartment, you can appreciate the advice about diversification, especially during these challenging economic times.  A few days ago I was driving to my new job and this phrase floated into my awareness, I was grateful for all my eggs not being in one basket. I have created a life of diverse yet complementary professional endeavors. These include writing, art, motivational speaking, consulting and educating as well as working in a library whose mission is to bring literature, music, art and the humanities to the community. I feel like one lucky multi-dimensional camper.

Creativity and wellness message for today: Just like a diamond, let all your faceted sides show. By allowing your own creative diversity to flow through you, many baskets of abundance and sustenance can be carried.  If one drops, and the contents break, you have more, just in a different basket.


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