Wellness Message From the Water

I’ll be making entries to inspire you to create the life you love. Entries will be geared toward sharing information about how to feel well, even in troubled times. My tried and true definitions of creativity and wellness follow:

* To be creative is to handle life’s challenges from an enlightened perspective. Creativity honors the unknown, it delights in and ignites spontaneous joy.

* Wellness is the experience of balanced, free-flowing energy on many levels–body, mind, emotions, spirit. To feel well is to accept the whole of who you are.

This morning, when I swam laps at a local pool, the lanes were already full when I arrived. The only available lane was the narrow-close-to-the-wall one that I hate. I wanted to swim, so I moved myself into that lane, even though I didn’t like it. Luckily after five minutes of being squeezed but sharing, the other swimmer finished. I enjoyed two lanes, in my all-to-myself-glory, with plenty of room for the next twenty minutes.

My creativity and wellness message for today is go on ahead and jump in, even if the water isn’t fine! Jump in, do what you can, and sometimes, the way opens up for you.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned.


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